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Orthopedic Shoes for Dallas TX Diabetics Are a Must

Foot care is an issue diabetes patients should be educated on immediately upon diagnosis. It’s true that there is plenty for a diabetic patient to learn and be aware of, and the lifestyle changes can be overwhelming. As Diabetes Self-Management points out, though, many times the smallest nerves and blood vessels in the feet are already damaged by the time a patient begins treatment. That makes it crucial to find the best orthopedic shoes for Dallas TX diabetics to avoid further and more far-reaching damage from that point on. Often, peripheral neuropathy strikes early and the patient doesn’t connect the Read more
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Treat Your Feet Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Dallas TX: The Place To Find Relief

At Treat Your Feet we know how painful Plantar Fasciitis is and if you are dealing with it, we want to help! We are your number one Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Dallas TX source. Not only do we carry a great selection, but with years in the Podiatry Field we know what it takes to find the right shoe for your foot. Too much time is spent on our feet to live in daily pain!  Stop by your Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Dallas TX experts today to find relief.  Treat Your Feet is here to help!  Call us today for more information Read more
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The Art of Healing Your Feet: Plantar Fasciitis Shoes in Dallas TX

Plantar Fasciitis is the bane of nurses, waitresses, policeman, athletes and many other groups of people who spend a large portion of time on their feet. The searing heel pain can strike anytime you stand or walk and seriously disrupt daily activities, especially for those who rely on being on their feet to earn a living, or help others. It seems that we never truly appreciate our feet until we cannot use them the way that we need to. A cruel aspect of this injury is that it often occurs after a long period of use. So those with an Read more
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Do You Need Plantar Fasciitis shoes in Dallas TX?

If you suffer from heel pain, you may need to buy Plantar Fasciitis shoes in Dallas TX. Plantar Fasciitis, sometimes called Policeman’s Heel” occurs when the plantar fascia, the ligament connecting your heel to your toes becomes irritated. This makes your heel or foot hurt when you walk or stand. Plantar Fasciitis is common in athletes, soldiers and young people who are on their feet all day, and it also occurs quite frequently in middle-aged people. When the ligament that supports your arch is strained, it results in tiny tears that cause pain and swelling. Plantar Fasciitis can occur in Read more
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  • Heel Cups Dallas TX

Heel Cups Dallas TX: Put More Spring In Your Step!

Your heel is one of the major points of pressure on your feet, which means that any pain you have in that area can be debilitating. If you suffer from disabling heel pain, one of the possible solutions is to get heel cups in Dallas TX that will make walking more comfortable.  Here are some of the things that getting heel cups will alleviate: 1. General Pain This is one of the primary reasons anyone gets heel cups or inserts in the first place. There are a number of different illness, such as arthritis, which can make the simple act of Read more
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  • Arch support inserts Dallas TX

Arch Support Inserts Dallas TX Are an Excellent Way to Handle Foot Pain

Many people don’t realize that often their problems with foot pain can be solved through getting arch support inserts in Dallas TX. Many problems related to foot pain can stem from having faulty arch support, and those problems can spread throughout a person’s foot and up their legs. When something is off with a person’s foot, that particular portion of the foot then puts everything else in the foot off balance, leading to heel pain and toe pain. That imbalance then forces the rest of the leg out of alignment and puts extra pressure on joints and tendons that they Read more
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Understand the Basics of Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Dallas TX

Plantar fasciitis shoes in Dallas TX are designed to help alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. This condition often manifests as heel pain that appears first thing in the morning. The pain occurs because the plantar fascia ligament—which stretches from your toe joints along the bottom of your foot to your heel—has been contracted all night while you slept. When you get out of bed in the morning, the ligament stretches. A healthy ligament deals with this stretching with no problems, but an inflamed plantar fascia will cause heel pain. If left untreated, plantar fasciitis can grow worse and worse, Read more
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  • Orthotics Dallas TX

Orthotics In Dallas TX: Why Only A Podiatrist Can Make Custom Orthotics For You

Shoe inserts have been around for a very long time.  In the past they were used primarily to eliminate foot odor.  Today, you can find shoe inserts in every grocery or drugstore in town and they’re not just for smelly feet anymore.  Today, these shoe inserts or orthotics in Dallas TX claim to not only soothe painful feet but to control the alignment of the foot and leg.  But can you trust the off-the-shelf products to do what you need them to do?  Keep in mind that everyone’s feet are different when you reach for those numbered, gel insoles.  How Read more