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Rise Above Foot and Back Pain with Shoe Lifts in Dallas

Eliminate pain in your back and feet, improve your posture, and make moving easier with shoe lifts in Dallas. Your feet are the primary connection you have with the ground, and your whole body’s shape centers on those ten toes. Excessive sitting, or painful walking can lead to problems that your feet can help solve. Treat yourself with Treat Your Feet shoe lifts in Dallas. It’s a small investment for a big return that can improve your whole body and life. You change your shoes to match your outfit, but you could be using simple inserted lifts in your shoes Read more
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Finding the Type of Shoe Lifts in Dallas TX Right for You

From leg length discrepancy to customizing sports –specific athletic shoes, there are several reasons why one would need shoe lifts in Dallas TX. Medical conditions often call for different models of inserts, also called heel lifts, each designed for long-term or short-term use to relieve pain, inflammation or connective tissue problems. Shoe lifts are useful for lower back pain, posture and balance problems, Achilles tendon injuries, rehabilitation and prosthetic adjustment and more. For example, shoe lifts can prevent degenerative spinal conditions as a result of leg length discrepancy and is a safe way to restore muscle function after an accident. Read more
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Walk Easier With Shoe Lifts in Dallas TX

If you have problems walking normally due to leg length discrepancies or other issues, you may need to buy shoe lifts in Dallas TX. Shoe lifts, also called heel lifts, are used for a variety of reasons. Patients with leg length differences often have low back pain and gait problems. A pair of shoe lifts will help the patient walk normally and reduce pain. Treat Your Feet Podiatry and Orthotics offers custom made shoe lifts in Dallas TX.  We’ll examine your feet and recommend the best treatment. If that includes shoe lifts our experts will use our 3-D gait analyzer Read more
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Custom Heel or Shoe Lifts in Dallas TX Correct Foot and Leg Problems

Heel lifts and shoe lifts in Dallas TX are prescribed by podiatrists for a number of foot health issues. The health problems may be temporary or chronic, and include lower back pain, correcting a runner’s gait, Achilles’ tendon pain or physical rehabilitation. The heel lift and shoe lift are the same thing. They’re used in one or both shoes. A heel lift is different than a heel cushion. A shoe lift or heel lift is used to treat biomechanical problems with the foot or gait. Chiropractors and physical therapists agree that shoe lifts can treat leg length differences that cause Read more
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Shoe Lifts Dallas TX: How Shoe Lifts Can Help With Your Foot Problems

There are any number of physiological reasons that you might need shoe lifts in Dallas TX.  From skeletal abnormalities to exercise-related problems, your podiatrist may recommend a variety of lifts that usually fit inside your shoe to help alleviate pain and make walking easier.  At Treat Your Feet in Dallas, our trained staff can help you get the shoe lifts in Dallas TX that can help with: Leg Length Correction – If one of your legs is measurably shorter than the other, it can lead to a host of debilitating problems that result from your body trying to compensate for Read more
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Where to Get Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Dallas TX

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis, a debilitating and painful foot condition? Getting the proper shoes for plantar fasciitis can be difficult. You want the kind of shoes that can alleviate your condition, which can often require custom-made insoles. But if you consult a specialist, you can have the advice of a professional who will know the best brand of shoe for your feet. Your condition is not something that should keep you from living your life as you want to. Getting the proper shoes for plantar fasciitis in Dallas TX can go a long way towards making you more Read more
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How Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in Dallas TX can relieve foot pain

Finding the proper shoes for plantar fasciitis in Dallas TX can help relieve the pain and inflammation caused by this common cause of heel pain. The stabbing feeling you are sometimes plagued with first thing in the morning or after sitting or standing can be avoided by choosing footwear that offers proper support. How to know if you need special shoes for plantar fasciitis in Dallas TX The plantar fascia connects the heel to the ball of the foot and serves as a “shock absorber” for your feet, supporting the arch. If the fascia in the area experiences small tears Read more
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Do You Need Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in Dallas TX?

Do you step out of bed in the morning and wince with pain? Do you have pain in one or both feet when walking, climbing stairs or standing for extended periods of time? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may have a condition called plantar fasciitis. Whether you are just beginning to worry about a foot problem or your plantar fasciitis has already been diagnosed, you should immediately begin taking steps to help alleviate current pain and minimize future issues. After you’ve consulted your doctor, use the following tools to help eliminate pain and problems Read more
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Orthopedic Shoes Dallas TX: Cure What’s Ailing You

Do you feel your foot pain all the way in your shoulders?  That means you are ready for some relief!  With the right shoes, the right fit and the right foundation, your body can recover and get on its way to helping you enjoy your life and your activities. With orthopedic shoes in Dallas TX, it might be the only thing you need to get your body back in the right alignment so you can get back to playing sports, running, bicycling or just enjoying life.  Call Treat Your Feet today at 972-468-1465 or visit us online at to Read more
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Orthopedic Shoes Dallas TX: Tips For Finding The Right Fit

If you suffer from foot problems and have thought about buying orthopedic shoes in Dallas TX, you’re probably picturing the clunky, boxy, one-color-fits-all orthopedic shoes of the past.  But today there’s a huge selection of shoes made for people with specific foot or gait problems.  In addition, there are many orthopedic shoe stores that sell name brand shoes that aren’t specifically made for orthopedic problems but that are attractive and work as well as traditional orthopedic shoes. When you’re shopping for orthopedic shoes in Dallas TX, be sure to look for shoes that are designed to provide the correct amount Read more