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Orthopedic Shoes In Dallas, TX: Do You Need Orthopedic Shoes?

Your feet must support your weight for a lifetime of walking, running and working, so if your feet hurt, you may need orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX to be fully functional every day.  According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, Americans log in around 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they reach 50, which that means that feet work hard and are prone to developing a variety of problems that even the most expensive standard shoes can’t compensate for.  If walking is painful and your mobility is affected, consider buying orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX. How Orthopedic Shoes Read more
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Orthopedic Shoes in Dallas, TX Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Why should you buy orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX? Your feet take more abuse than any of your other limbs, and the pain that can result from wearing the wrong footwear can effect your whole body. If you are beginning to experience any pain in your feet and ankles, do not hesitate to purchase orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX today. The discomfort you feel now will only worsen with time and can eventually effect your  legs or even your spine. That is why you should call Treat Your Feet today at (972) 468-1465, or find us on the web at, Read more
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Orthopedic Shoes in Dallas, TX: Caring For Work-Worn Feet

After a long day at work, your feet can be in a lot of pain, unless you’ve made the wise choice to opt for orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX. Orthopedic shoes can take a lot of the pain away from any job in which you are standing, lifting, or walking. Without the right pair of shoes you could suffer toe pain, arch pain, heel pain, and even leg pain. You don’t have to. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX and have been suffering from bad work shoes, the tips below will help you Read more
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Orthopedic Shoes Dallas, TX: Reasons to switch to the healthy side

If you are on the fence about switching to orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX, we know how you feel. The stereotypes for orthopedic shoes are numerous: bulky designs with thick soles, monochromatic color schemes, Velcro fasteners–we’ve seen them all. The truth is, however, you don’t have to sacrifice style (or your self respect) to keep your feet healthy. What’s more, your feet aren’t the only part of your body that will benefit from a switch to orthopedic footwear. Here are few reasons to consider orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX.  Orthopedic Shoes Reduce Rheumatic-Related Pain Dr. Jody Riskowski, in a study Read more
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Orthopedic Shoes Dallas TX: Give Your Feet the Gift of Relief

Orthopedic shoes in Dallas TX can give your feet the relief they need. Our bodies take a beating every day from the pressure we put on our feet. It radiates all throughout our bodies with the shock that they absorb, but getting shoes that help put the pressure in the right places and alleviate it in the wrong ones means having happy feet! That’s what we do at Treat Your Feet. We carry a large assortment of ready-made shoes and can also help you design custom orthotics for your specific needs. Call us today at 972-468-1465 to learn more or Read more
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Orthopedic Shoes in Dallas, TX: Tips For Caring For Your Feet

If you spend many hours a day on your feet, you may want to start shopping for orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX. The right shoes can make a huge difference when it comes to the health of your feet. There is a reason why doctors, nurses, and others with physically demanding professions choose this type of shoe. Along with finding a great pair of orthopedic shoes in Dallas TX, there are some other ways you should take care of your feet as well. Here are some tips for giving your feet some extra care and pampering. Wear Orthopedic Shoes in Read more
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Get Back in the Game with Orthotics in Dallas, TX

The foot is a part of the body that isn’t thought about often… until there is pain, or the need for orthotics in Dallas, TX.  Foot pain can create an annoying hindrance to every day activity. The solution to foot pain doesn’t always have to be egregious. Sometimes the solution is something as simple as slipping an orthotic in your shoes. The podiatrist at Treat Your Feet is specifically qualified to find and construct the right orthotics for you. A thorough examination and evaluation of your symptoms will get you the right orthotic for your situation. Call us today to schedule Read more
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Orthotics in Dallas, TX: Do Your Feet Need More Support?

Do you need orthotics in Dallas, TX? Let’s find out. Few people have perfect feet. This can be especially problematic, as your feet function as the foundation for you entire body. In fact, there are many different structural elements that can impact your feet, the way you walk, and how your body feels. Knowing what kind of foot you have can help you avoid pain and injury. Here are the various structures and possible problems associated with them that could indicate you are in need of orthotics in Dallas, TX. Pronated Feet The is one of the most common structural Read more
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Orthotics In Dallas, TX: Conditions Orthotics Can Treat

You may be familiar with the term ‘orthotics’ if you’ve ever experienced foot pain or seen a podiatrist who mentioned orthotics in Dallas, TX.  At Treat Your Feet, we specialize in shoes and orthotics in Dallas TX that are designed to lessen pain and make walking easier.  Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts, prescribed by a physician – usually, but not always, a doctor of podiatric medicine – that are made to accommodate or correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern.  Walking pattern changes can happen as a result of a variety of foot and leg conditions that include: ▪ Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fasciitis is Read more
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Stop Foot Pain with Shoe Lifts in Dallas, TX

Shoe lifts in Dallas, TX may very well be a huge benefit to those battling foot pain. The feet support your body and the weight and workload placed upon them daily can take its toll. Enduring and managing pain is exhausting both mentally and physically for many. It is estimated that more than 24 percent of adults deal with these debilitating problems. So much is dependent on proper foot function. Mobility is hindered and at times crippling due to constant foot pain. Foot pain isn’t always about age, level of activity or even the shoes you may choose to wear. Read more