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Surgery is Not for Everyone

This is the reason I have established a podiatry practice devoted to people who just can’t or don’t want surgery on their feet. Some people who fall into this category have had numerous birthdays, some who have poor circulation, some who are afraid of surgery and others who simply do not want surgery.

Surgery of the feet for people, who desire it can have fantastic results but it has risks as well. Infections are always a risk, results can be less than expected surgery also means time off your feet, time away from work which can be impractical or even impossible.

A Bunion will only go away with surgery, however, there are also protective pads to alleviate shoe pressure. Spacers between the toes can help ease the pain, as well as proper footwear to support the treatment of bunions.

Heel pain is often treated with conservative measures. Inserts with arch supports, change of shoes, a series of cortisone injections as well as something called EXTRACOPOREAL SHOCKWAVE THERAPY, this treatment works quite well for those painful heels. Corns and calluses can be trimmed down this is not a cure, but can help alleviate the discomfort they cause.

These are just a few examples of conservative care there are many others!

Come see me and we will explore a variety of treatments, find what works for you and keep you moving.

About Karen Wasserman

Karen Wasserman, DPM was born in MI but was smart enough to leave the frozen tundra. She has made her home in Dallas, TX for over 30 years. She has two grown children, three dogs and her newest addition is a reef tank.

Undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, and podiatric education in Chicago, IL.

Her passion is relieving foot pain without the recovery time and problems associated with surgery.