TREAT YOUR FEET carries women’s and men’s extra-depth and extra-width shoes. We have orthopedic and comfort shoes in a variety of styles and colors. We also have diabetic shoes, which have received certification from Medicare.

Extra-depth shoes custom orthopedic shoes – Extra-depth shoes are very important if you have corns on the tops of your toes or hammer toes. These shoes give more room from the top of the shoe to the sole. This allows for swelling or problem toes, hammer toes, and can be helpful for those with very high arches. Thick arch supports or orthotics will usually fit in these shoes.
orthopedic shoes for women dallas tx
Narrow- to extra-wide shoes, in sizes ranging all the way up to 14E, can be very helpful when your feet are just not the average size. Do not cram your feet into shoes that do not fit!

Diabetic shoes approved for Medicare beneficiaries may be purchased at our location. Medicare has a program to provide 1 pair of shoes per calendar year to those who are suffering with problem feet. We no longer dispense Medicare shoes at our store or practice. You can purchase and self submit to your primary care insurance for most of the shoes we sell at our store.

We carry Privo, Pedors, Propet, Drew, P.W. Minor, Apis, Aetrex, Spira, and Wolky shoes. We may not have your shoes in stock but we can always order them. In general, if the company has them in stock, it will take about a week for us to get your shoes in the store for you.


Walking and Running Athletic Shoes

We carry Spira, Brooks and Aetrex walking and running shoes.

Spira shoes have springs hidden in the sole of the shoe to add that extra spring to your step. They are great shock absorbers and cushion your feet. They also decrease stress to your feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Brooks makes an excellent and supportive shoe. Some can help control pronation, which can lead to arch and heel problems.

Come in today to find the right shoe in the right size.