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Orthotics Orthotics are devices that fit into your shoes and help your feet to function without pain. They can be useful for heel pain, arch pain, and foot fatigue, pain under the ball of your foot, or bunion pain. They are helpful in controlling pronation and supination. Read more


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TREAT YOUR FEET is a retail store owned and operated by a podiatrist, Karen Wasserman, DPM. She has been in practice as a foot specialist for 29 years. All foot pads, athletic socks, diabetic socks, over the counter arch supports, and shoes available in the store have been personally selected based on her years of experience with patients. We specialize in finding the right product or shoes to make you comfortable.

We offer the upmost service to our customers in finding the best solutions for their problems. By measuring, watching your gait, and listening to our customers describe their issues we are able to tailor and personalize our fitting to best fit your needs.

We have the ability to make custom orthotics with our 3-D gait analyzer. Walk across this pad three times and you will see a computerized analysis of your foot in motion. This image is sent to a lab which crafts an orthotic or arch support based on your gait and foot.

We have extra depth, and narrow to EEEEEEEEEEEE running, walking shoes, and a large selection of diabetic shoes.

A large selection of over the counter orthotics made by Lynco and several other companies are available. Our trained staff will help you select the insert that is right for you. Stop guessing and find the comfort you need.

Silicone and foam pads for calluses, hammer toes, or other problem areas on your foot are available. We have night splints for plantar faciitis, creams for dry and heavily calloused skin or cracked heels. Sweaty or stinky feet can also be controlled with various powders and creams. Support hose, diabetic, and excellent athletic socks are available.

We love to help people who have been unable to find foot comfort anywhere else.

Specializing in:

  • Customer Orthotics
  • Orthopedic Shoes
  • Any Shoe Size / Width
  • Diabetic Shoes / Socks

Call to reserve a time for help with products. Add $75.00 for foot screening, time limited to 15 minutes.
does not include treatment

We can provide tips on buying shoes